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Custom Decorative Fabrication

"As a mechanical contractor I never thought I could operate without a sheet metal shop. I was so afraid of losing my shop guy that I always found myself accepting poor work ethic and manipulation from every shop person I ever hired. When I tried to outsource the duct in the past, a simple furnace plenum would take about two days to fabricate and the duct would always fit poorly. When I sent my first job to Sheetmetal Solutions, they were eager to get the job done and I was very surprised that a furnace plenum could be done in 15 minutes. Since then I have all my duct fabricated by Sheetmetal Solutions. I closed my shop two years ago. It had been great not having to pay a shop person that’s just sitting around waiting for a job to come in. It has also been great not bearing the expense of owning a shop. Sheetmetal Solutions makes it possible for a mechanical contractor to deliver good quality and prompt service all while cutting back costs. The Sheetmetal Solutions crew are very pleasant to work with and are always willing to give great advice on design. ~ Alex Zozaya, President, Pima Sheet Metal, Heating & Cooling

"I would like to say thank you for the honest and reliable work you and your staff have provided our company. Sheetmetal Solutions has always produced quality work and in a very timely manner, not to mention done right the first time. We would recommend Sheetmetal Solutions to anyone in need of metal services." ~ Becky, Office Manager, Chalk Heating & Cooling

"I have been a customer of Sheetmetal Solutions since the beginning and have worked with the owners for my metal needs for over 10 years. The Sheetmetal Solutions staff is great to work with. I can always expect high quality products/services, properly sized duct and a fast turn around time. I highly recommend Sheetmetal Solutions and wouldn’t use anyone else." ~ Brian Blankenbaker, Owner, Blankenbaker Heating & Cooling, LLC

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