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Custom Decorative Fabrication

Sheetmetal Solutions of Tucson, Arizona can meet all of your sheetmetal needs and more.  Here's a list of our products:

  • Commercial & residential shettmetal ductwork
  • Flat, burned to shape and size sheetmetal
  • Flexible vinyl duct (Cut to length and assembled as requested)
  • Register boxes, wyes, roof jacks, dryer vent, kitchen hood duct, and all other HVAC related parts
  • Custom scupper, scupper extensions and downspout
  • Copper linesets (cut to any length without joints)
  • Custom kitchen hoods and BBQ vents
  • Custom sheetmetal flashing
  • Specialty metals (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.)
  • Custom metal countertops and back-splash
  • Artistic metal designs – decorative pieces, patio art, furniture, etc.

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